Why Novelty?

Why are our apps novelty? There are three distinct reasons.

Our apps are fun and whimsical. Like the toys that populate the shelves of novelty shops all across the country, our apps bring a smile to the faces of all that use them.

Our apps are small. We aren’t trying to make long, drawn out games that require hours of gameplay to enjoy all of the features. We create small apps with focused features that can be repeatedly played for constant enjoyment.

Novelty Apps are designed so that anyone, despite their age, can pick them up and enjoy them. This is reminiscent of the puzzles and games the past generations enjoyed in their childhood.

Novelty Apps leverages the power of buzzwords and modern web design to capture the essence of a large gaming studio while maintaining the core value it was founded on - less is more.

Meet the Team

Daniel Sawin

Founder and CEO

Daniel Sawin is a natural leader and a technological visionary. He founded Novelty Apps in 2014 as a way to convey to the world his dreams for the future, a future where all people own and enjoy novelty apps. He saw that the technology that was designed to bring people closer together was actually tearing them farther apart. People were spending more time on mobile devices looking at “social” media than actually socializing. He aimed to fix this problem by creating mobile apps that sparked real life conversations instead of just digital ones. His first app, Hot Potato, was a major success, allowing people to enjoy each other’s company while utilizing their pre-existing mobile devices. When he saw how much joy the people around him were having, he knew he had a hit. Now he is working with his small team of designers and developers to create more mobile apps to unite the world.

Daniel Sawin

Lead Programmer and Developer

Daniel Sawin joined the Novelty Apps team in 2014. Since he saw the power mobile apps had to unite people, he has been dedicated to furthering that cause. He brings to the table an extensive knowledge of programming and mobile development, as well as a charming personality. As he describes it, he is the “mitochondria” of Novelty Apps, the power house that allows it to function. He handles both the front end and backend development of the mobile apps and the website. He is glad to be using his very large and extensive skill set to contribute to such a noble cause.

Daniel Sawin

Lead Media Designer

Daniel Sawin tagged along in 2014 when his skills were required to elevate the quality of Novelty Apps to the level it is at today. He was able to use his skills to create rich and beautiful media to accompany the game-changing mobile apps that Novelty Apps was creating. Although he loves creating engaging graphics, his real passion is producing the melodic music that compliments the feel of each app. He is the icing on the cupcake that is Novelty Apps. He is proud that he can use his artistic vision to help create gorgeous mobile apps that help to unify all people.