15switches Inspiration: The Summer Sky

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from different images promoting 15switches, one of the biggest design queues I’ve drawn from is the summer sky.  The background gradient of the first 15 levels is very similar to that of the blue sky fading into the pale sand of the beach.  And the second 15 levels have the color of the summer sunset.

This idea came to me during the first few weeks of summer when I was at the beach.  I was looking out into the ocean and I realized just how beautiful the colors were.  It was then my goal to capture the essence of these colors into my game.

As I’ve been working on more and more levels for 15switches, I realized that I need new colors for the background gradient.  That’s why I recently took a trip to the beach to capture some pictures of the summer sky for even more inspiration. Take a look at some of the pics I grabbed.

See more pictures here

Again, I think this presents a beautiful lesson in inspiration.  You should always be looking for inspiration, but not necessarily from the same kind of product you are trying to create.  That can be dangerous because you could easily slip down the road of plagiarism.  Instead look for inspiration in other areas and then get creative on how to incorporate it into your work.

I hope you liked this little anecdote into the inspiration behind the design of 15switches.  If you liked this article or like the game, please share them!

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