The Personality of 15switches

15switches is a game unlike any I have created before.  My previous games have been simple and only included gameplay and very minimal communication with the player.  I wanted 15switches to be completely different.  I wanted to actively communicate with the user, either directly or indirectly.  That’s why, from the beginning, I built 15switches with a personality.

During the development I made sure to focus on adding a personality.  I spent a lot of time adding hidden dialogue to make sure every corner of 15switches was filled with personality.  There are hidden messages that maybe no one will ever figure out, but just the fact that they’re there adds a certain value to the game.

What is the personality of 15switches?  I would describe it as “your slightly more intelligent but also condescending sassy friend”.  While at moments this can be annoying, it also encourages you to be your best by motivating you to prove to yourself that your not as worthless as the game might sometimes make you feel.  But at the end of the day 15switches is still your friend and has your best interest at heart.

Have you found any hidden dialogue in 15switches?  Make sure to tweet me any easter egg you find to see if you are the first to discover it!

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