The Future of 15switches

Apps are not like most products. When you buy most products, you get what you buy as is.  You don’t expect your shoes to gain a new feature a couple of months down the road.  But buying an app can be more of an investment.  You expect the developer to add to it and improve it constantly.  And that is my plan for 15switches.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I plan to continue to add levels to 15switches.  In fact in the past week I’ve invested a lot of time towards streamlining the level creation process so I can create the best levels possible in a minimal amount of time.  So expect there to be a new update soon with new levels!

I also am planning on improving 15switches in other areas like I’ve done with my other apps.  Maybe one day there’ll be a new UI or cool new sharing features.  Who knows, but the possibilities are endless!

However, I am also planning on creating some new games soon.  Ones that I hope are even cooler and more fun!  I can’t wait to get those games and more 15switches updates out as soon as possible!

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